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Carpet Cleaning

Our Deep-cleaning process removes Soil stains, ground-in dirt, grime, Spots/stains, Bacteria, Unpleasant Odors, Eliminates indoor Allergens, Pollutants and other Contaminants that cause Allergies and other Health Problems.

We will effectively remove soil stains from the carpet fibers, where dirt and other contaminants build up, and revive your carpet appearance. Carpet cleaning is essential to keep your home healthy, keeping your carpet clean & sanitize, get rid of bacteria, dirt, germs, allergens, dust, debris & microscopic organisms that can make your family members sick, our cleaning service will improve the air you breathe at home and protect small children from germs while playing on the carpets, because they`re very susceptible to germs. Dirty carpets, upholstery & mattress can cause health problems such as: allergies, sinus, asthma & other respiratory symptoms.

Just keep in mind that a Clean Carpet is a Healthy Carpet.


  • *The mentioned prices are based on standard carpet cleaning. Deep cleaning may be required for carpets that are not well-maintained and/or neglect.
  • *Combined Living and Dining Room are counts as 2 rooms.
  • *Average Room Size is approximately (13X13) or 170 Sq. Ft.